Jo ZenkHow I made it to #wickedslams and still got up to land it
from Jo Zenk on 25 Jan 2023

dont try this at home. and wear a helmet. check ricardo linos video about the backstory. Roces tour video: simply thought this was easy so it didnt cross my mind I could fall like this.Luckily no injury at all and I immediately gave thumbs up to the crew around as I knew how it must have looked :)went up because I knew exactly what went wrong and how I would roll away easy on next one.All the details made this sketchy, rolling down a roof that was sketchy already made me overshoot the ramp obviously. first try made me think its easy. things can always go wrong. use helmet if you feel like that. thanks universe. Follow on insta: Check the channel for moreHttps:// Get all you need to roll at: Use code ZENK10 at checkout to send me 10% of your purchase #jozenk #rollerblading #dropin #bodyslam