Rachard JohnsonHow Rollerblading Changed My Life Completely
from Rachard Johnson on 9 Apr 2023

shop at https://www.pressuredist.com/Shot By: Rachard Johnson https://www.instagram.com/rachard.johnson/This First Sunday Session was dedicated to our great friend Joey Barbera who came down with esophageal cancer due to his bad heart burn he never got treated..when he started chemo, there was a problem with fluid around his heart which wouldn’t drain. Joey had to have an emergency surgery to fix the problem and it was a scary time for everyone.. After a successful surgery which was a few days before First Sunday Session, Joey damn near broke out the hospital and came to the session. overwhelmed from all the love and support the community was able to raise over 20k to help with bills and medical costs thanks to a family member making the go fund me for him.. Joey has a lot of love in this community and it shows on how fast we react when one of us is hurting and needs help… in All hes doing great now and the day couldn’t have been more fun so Enjoy the session and list your city in the comments cause we coming baby..