Flower She RollsHOW TO Farfegnugen!! Frontside and backside SKATE Tutorial
from Flower She Rolls on 13 Sep 2022

Woohoo! Hi sister, hey hey brother! I hope youre beginning to feel comfortable at this stage! No worries if youre insanely sore, because I certainly am after focusing on each of these tricks so intently. My left Achilles is feeling it right about now. Its normal, but best believe Im figuring out different stretches to help guide my muscles and tendons into top notch shape. Ill get back to you with those as I figure them out.. or if anyone knows any, shout em out! We listeningggg over here Thanks for tuning in and being here. Please share this video with anyone you know that wants to learn how to skate! Now is the time and Im here as time with you. We got this!One massive love,From your sisterFilmed and edited by: @manwithpogo-Dalton Smith