Ricardo LinoHow to Inline Skate – Beginners Guide
from Ricardo Lino on 16 Jan 2024

Contact me here:https://ricardolino.comHow to Skate with Inline Skates – Complete Beginners Course:00:00 1- Introduction to inline skating00:57 2- What skates should I Use?06:12 3- Protections to use for skating10:10 4- How to tie your skates12:28 5- Where to skate13:52 6- How to stand up with Inline Skates15:23 7- How to sit down with Inline Skates16:00 8- How to fall with Inline Skates20:03 9- Basic position for inline skating21:59 10- How skates work24:17 11- How to start moving28:05 12- How to stop with a plow stop30:43 13- How to stop with a heel brake33:02 14- How to turn with Inline Skates34:41 15- How to skate faster37:12 16- What to do with arms when skating39:07 17- parallel turn with Inline Skates43:13 18- conclusionThanks For Watching How to Inline Skate – Beginners Guide.If you enjoyed this, don’t forget to Subscribe.Support this channel and become a Patron today, right here:https://bit.ly/PatreonRicardoLino