Flower She RollsHOW TO skate a launch box! How to fly! One step at a time
from Flower She Rolls on 23 Aug 2022

Hi loves! Beautiful suns! Weve made it to video 10! That feels really good. How are we feeling on your side? Dalton and I are dialing it in on our side in simplifying a video of clarity for you. I am just so excited about your path and mine. The longer we stick with our wheels, the higher we can elevate our human. Its happening for me so it can also for you and I really believe in your process here. So dont give up and stay with me so together we can expand this knowledge. ROLL THROUGH FEAR BABY! Each and every day. One day at a time.One love sister and brother. Please share this video, like it and subscribe to my channel. LETS GET ITFilmed and edited by @manwithpogo-Dalton Smith