Flower She RollsHow to skate a RAIL properly in 3 steps. Patience
from Flower She Rolls on 9 Aug 2022

Rails have been my biggest hurdle. They still have me second guessing allllll of the time. But over the years I began to understand what makes this process easier. So heres a quick video to slowly program a few steps to ease the pain lol. Youve got this. Remember, We heal. The bruises on our shins and hips they will heal. Push through this fear. Become familiar with a safety trick. Practice over and over and over. I believe in you. A lot. Lets get ittt! Please subscribe and share this video with your friends and family. I believe everyone can take something out of this video to better themselves. Together, we really can achieve our highest and most powerful selves. If I can, then you can. 100 percent. Baby steps. Always. Life can be slow if we stay. Right now. Love you brother. Love you sister! One Filmed and edited by: IG @manwithpogo-Dalton Smith