Brandon DrummondHow to Turn on Inline Skates in Less Than 5 Minutes // Rollerblading Basics
from Brandon Drummond on 3 Dec 2021

Stop turning like a beginner, turn like a pro.Learn to turn on rollerblades in less than 5 minutes.I teach you four different turning techniques for each speed and level of skating. Showing you how turning looks from a first-person perspective and everything else in between. Teaching you how to turn like a pro and not look like a beginner. Subscribe for more tutorials! Support the channel by…Subscribing to my YouTube Channel my “How to Rollerblade Series” at Laced NZ (My merch) a YouTube Member, getting access to perks follow me on all other social media linked below My Skate Setup…Rollerblade Blank SK Skates50/50 Prime FramesEnnui Elite Helmet *Affiliate link: by…Karson