JADRollerVlogHOW TO UNITY JAD Rollerblading
from JADRollerVlog on 12 Feb 2022

This week I decided to make a video on how to Front side unity on a ledge. I’m definitely do not have the most amazing unity but I’ve gotten fairly consistent at it over the years. Maybe some of the tips and tricks I use can help you learn this grind if you haven’t figured it out yet. Also I decided to work on other variations of the unity and have some fun with it. Enjoy and be safe! Try any of the things you see or hear in this video at your own risk. THEM Moooopi 909s are available at Oak City Skate Shop!https://oakcityskate.com/products/them-skates-pro-marius-gaile-moooopi-909-skate?_pos=2&_sid=f514e5eb7&_ss=r