Tom MoyseIlia Savosin Heat: Roces Skating Edit Of The Year? Is this Redemption? Themes In Rollerblading
from Tom Moyse on 22 Oct 2023

Ilias Savosin, roces skates rider has just released heat, the promo for his new pro model m12 to great reception. Is this the inline skate edit of the year like many people are saying in the comments?He’s had an interesting time. After a controversial post resulting in an apology from Martina and Roces, plus two from himself, but he’s come back with a top-quality-production edit. I dive into your reaction to the edit, talk about all it’s strong points, ilia’s aim for the video, go over other rollerblading videos that had themes, different type of promos, what i hope Roces do next and then give a full analysis of the video.Echoing myself, the production on this rollerblading video is exceptional and it’s very evident. Ilia had a clear vision and intentions, which he’s achieved not only through his skating ability but by picking a team to help realise the dream.The results very much stand apart from anything else in rollerblading right now and i’d struggle to find anything directly comparable to it throughout aggressive inline skatings history. There have been themes, skits and different takes on promos before but none that take on them all so well.It’s great see so many positive comments and i don’t think it’s too much of stretch to say it’s been quite uplifting for rollerblading. There is certainly a few people that think Ilia’s approach to rollerblading could have a big and put it in-front of non-skaters eyes. It’s going to be very interesting to see what happens next. This channel runs on your support, which is much appreciated. You can support the channel:Become a member: Merchandise: the Patreon Ilia Savosin Heat – your reaction02:55 High production rollerblading videos03:38 Ilias aim for his pro edit04:12 Rollerblading videos with Themes – Mindgame, What do you believe in?05:25 Savosin set a new standard06:24 Is this edit of the year?07:35 Rollerblading awards08:09 is it just a clown suit – will this resonate with non rollerbladers08:49 Whats next for Roces and Ilia10:21 So sick that he made the video anyway11:00 Full reaction to the video16:33 Thank youHEAT – Ilia Savosin new signature skates