Rachard JohnsonI’M AN ADDICT (I Can’t Stop Rollerblading)
from Rachard Johnson on 23 Oct 2022

shop at https://www.onetrickaday.com/Shot By: Rachard Johnson https://www.instagram.com/rachard.johnson/This was probably the most fun we’ve had all year.. Oct 2nd we had our first sunday session at Ayala Skate Park in Chino California. so many people cam from all over, Vegas, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico etc.Rollerblading is so addictive in my eyes because it releases so much endorphins its hard not to happy on a pair of skates.. really its all sports but in my case, rollerblading… Skating with friends while taking a break from life, which can be very stressful at times especially now with how the econemy is going world wide.. i feel it also allows you to focus and hone in on whats really imprtant in life, will also motivate you to get back to the grind and crush it…our next session is at Blade Cup Nov 4-6.. hope to see many of you there as i will be there for all 3 days with a booth split with my daughter and the First Sunday Faminly.. Enjoy the video see you soon..