Inline PowerStop Perfection Bill Stoppard’s #1 Tip RED#13 (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsInline PowerStop Perfection Bill Stoppard’s #1 Tip RED#13
from PintoPonyProductions on 13 Jul 2017

Inline Skating Powerstops make City Skating more fun, and controlled. In this Street Skate Stopping Tutorial, Bill Stoppard breaks down the vital ingredient to the perfect rollerblading stop. *Inline Skating T Shirts at

This video is teaching you how to stop on inline skates in the most effective manner possible. This video is #13 of the Roll Every Day (RED July) series.

Bill’s Inline skates, Powerslide Kronos Reign 3 wheel hockey skate with Leopard Bearings from

My inline GoPro and other Cameras

Area skated Dowtown Toronto, Queen Street West ish.

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