Flower She RollsInline Skating Tricks! How to Top Soul! The beginning of Top Side tricks
from Flower She Rolls on 18 Oct 2022

Yay! Weve made it to the top! Practicing patience couldnt be more important as we level up. Patience plays FOR our character in all ways of life. Right here, right now is where we observe how we feel and after seeing our reaction is when we begin to tweak our attitude. How do you want to act? Do you want to lace this trick? Do you want to lace life? I want to see you succeed. I see you like I see myself. Lets do this.Thank you for being here. One accepting LoveFilmed and edited by: @manwithpogo – Dalton SmithPlease like, subscribe and share these videos with anyone who may come to mind right now who could use a sister. Ive got you.Love, light, truth, trust, compassion, understanding, acceptance, humility.