Intuition Week 2015 at Woodward West (Intuition Skate Shop)

Intuition Skate ShopIntuition Week 2015 at Woodward West
from Intuition Skate Shop on 20 Nov 2015

Intuition Week 2015 at Woodward West was beyond a great time – complete with inline campers from Norway, Chile, Canada, and the USA.

Featuring Intuition team riders Chris Haffey, Chad Tannehill, Hunter Grimm, and Anthony Luna. Also featuring Miguel Ramos, Richie Velasquez, and Cody Norman.

Filmed by: Hunter Grimm, Cody Norman, Matt Mickey
Edited by: Hunter Grimm

Sign up today for Intuition Week 2016 (Week 6) at / call 661-822-7900 / email

Many, many thanks to the sponsors for sending promo packages so every inline camper can stay geared up and juiced to keep progressing on the blades!
– SEBA Skates
– Razors
– Ground Control
– Eulogy wheels
– Xsjado
– Bones bearings
– Themgoods
– Valo
– Youth Co frames

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