Jhamp First & Lexington Flow

Jason HampdenJhamp First & Lexington Flow
from Jason Hampden on 9 Dec 2012

Jason Hampden has one of the most unique passions for rollerblading I’ve ever seen. All of us that rollerblade do it because we love it, thats obvious. But the way Jason thinks and reacts and sometimes even stresses about blading shows how wrapped up he is in what we do. To explain it easily, Jason is a skate rat. He can skate all day, drive home, and message you saying “Man I still want to skate” or “I wish I had done that trick.” Skating is always on his mind, and because of that Jason is constantly progressing and making himself better. Always evolving his perceptions of spots and trick set. North Carolina rollerblading should be proud to have an ambassador like J. Hamp. If you’re ever in the Tar Heel state, it should be a necessary part of your trip to have a session with Jason — Stefan Brandow

I dedicate this section to my best friend and girlfriend, Vanessa Hamilton, I love you. Without your constant support, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the injuries and hard times to even finish this. You are the best!

A huge shout out to my sponsors First and Lexington and North Carolina’s blader owned Oak City Inline skate shop! Thank you Stefan for making the best designs and logos out there and for always looking out for me , Grant Schildhouse for giving me a chance with F&L and hooking me up with sick gear. Long thank you for hooking me up with wheels and great deals to keep me skating!

Filmed by: Vanessa, Hamilton, Stefan Brandow, Nate Cornell, Mikey Petrack,Jon Cooley, Joe Matty, Hunter Kale, Alex Figueroa, Cameron Fox, Casey Wilson,& Trey Kendrick. A HUGE thank you for each and everyone of you for helping me make this.

Edited/Color Corrected- Jason Hampden

Song: The Procussions – We Are Here

Check Out : http://www.firstandlexington.com

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