Jo Zenk / Remz Pro / HR2.0 Promo (REMEDYZ)

REMEDYZJo Zenk / Remz Pro / HR2.0 Promo
from REMEDYZ on 25 Nov 2017

For his Remz Pro Introduction, Jo Zenk teamed up with close friends Eugen and Daniel Enin to present the new and highly anticipated Remz HR 2.0.
Shot within 6 days during Oct. 2017 in 4K on Sony A7S II and edited by Daniel Enin.

“When Daniel offered to help me shooting this project for Remz I couldn’t be happier. I had an amazing time shooting with the homies working on a productive and professional level with Daniel. It is amazing to work with people I completely trust in what they do to let me focus on my part completely and it turned into my favorite project so far. I couldn’t be happier with what he came up with and the result speaks for itself.” – Jo Zenk

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