Jo ZenkJo Zenk “there is no switch” – 2012
from Jo Zenk on 10 Nov 2021

Jo Zenk 2012 #rollerblading at #skateparkGievenbeck Mnsterthere is no switch – just left and right. back in 2012 it seems I had a need to lace tricks. Happy some of em arent as ugly as the rest :)felt I should reupload this one as I got asked on IG about switch tricks.originally uploaded to on 10. September 2012Jo on instagram: @jo.zenk the playlist ‘Jo Zenk rollerblading’ and see new shit your skates & more at song by Deep Sea Arcade – Seen No Rightfilming by PJ Smith & Alex Klber for MNSTR BLADEcheck more videos on the channel.