Johannes Karlsson Razors Profile 2014 (Axel Bihagen)

Axel BihagenJohannes Karlsson Razors Profile 2014
from Axel Bihagen on 29 Dec 2014

“Yh, this is Johannes park n street profile for this year!
Johannes had kind of a bad luck this summer, he broked he’s arm in the beginning of the summer. It was at summerclash, in the street competition. So that sucks!

Yea cuz in the spring we talked about like just a street profile. No parkcrap haha.
No but anyway hope this you like this profile. Enjoy!”
– Axel

Film & Edit
Axel Bihagen

Additional Film: Linus Hansén & Martin Danning
Song: Luke Christopher – Hell Of A Rhyme

Sponsors: Razors ( & Hedonskate Sweden (

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