John Bolino | Nothing but Gaps (Brett Dasovic)

Brett DasovicJohn Bolino | Nothing but Gaps
from Brett Dasovic on 3 Sep 2018

John Bolino doing nothing but gaps and wallrides to a song I knew he would hate.

Write up about the editing process below
This edit of just gap jumping footage from John Bolino’s 2009 Too Much Love 2 section was made for 2 reasons. Reason 1 was that I knew it was almost the musical antithesis to Both John’s skating and his personality, this I explored further by giving his remix section a prince song as well as a classic Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige song for Chris Farmers and a Rick Ross track for Michael Garlinghouse. the purpose was to see if those surface level clashes in style could he bypassed with more visceral elements. The use of rap for chris seems odd especially a slower tempo track until you start to notice the methodical nature of Chris’s 200mph take offs. The opposites attracted in those instances and I think that leads into reason number 2 which was a wider discussion I had about the challenges of editing to music you may not like or connect with because you can see how that skaters choice fits them, you may just not have a grasp on how to translate that to the editing process. At the time I made this little edit, Dubstep tracks were all over the place and found their way into a fair share of skating pieces, often to less than defined results. I attempted to take a similar toned track and make John’s incredible footage fit and move along evenly with the fast paced, sometimes jarring nature of the track. I think it worked for the most part despite not being a huge fan of the genre. I believe this was at the least something that fit the tone of the track visually.

When myself and Blake Cohen made our videos we gave the skaters the freedom to pick section songs, in addition Blake and Jeph chose the the intro and montage songs. If you rewatch those videos and compare it to the remixed editions I made them, you will notice a great deal more flow, style and overall identity to the editing itself because I was picking the music myself and was not on a deadline. One thing I was trying to learn was how to get the most out the editing process when you may not necessarily connect well enough with the song the skater chose to see the layout in your own head like you may when you find a song yourself.
In this edit I took a song I didn’t care for from a TV trailer that I did care for and drew some inspiration from that. If you are editing someone else’s vision the most crucial and also cruel thing you have to do is listen to the tracks til you know them front to back then try to talk the skater to see what about the song they really felt was gonna work the best to get an idea how they thought it would lay out. At times just having a visual theme is enough make an edit passable but make sure that once you find a theme stick with it to the end to maintain continuity so you can concentrate on transitioning to the next part.

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