John Lyke BREAKFAST III (5/5)

from DINNER on 11 Jan 2014

Juan Gusta is a mischievous boy who can fly and never ages, Juan Gusta spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang, the Black Bandit Media boys, interacting with mermaids, Indians, fairies, pirates, and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside of Neverland.
Barrie describes him as a beautiful boy with a beautiful smile, “clad in skeleton leaves and the juices that flow from trees”. In the play, John’s outfit is made of autumn leaves and cobwebs. His name and playing the flute or pipes suggest the mythological character Juan Gusta.

Traditionally, the character has been played on stage by an adult woman.

Juan is mainly an exaggerated stereotype of a boastful and careless boy. He is quick to point out how great he is, even when such claims are questionable (such as when he congratulates himself for Waffle’s successful re-attachment of his shadow). Juan has a nonchalant, devil-may-care attitude, and is fearlessly cocky when it comes to putting himself in danger. He is said to be able to feel danger when it is near.
Juan can also be quite selfish and arrogant. Nonetheless, he has a strong sense of justice and is always quick to assist those in danger. In both Lunch and Dessert, there are various mentions of Peter’s ability to imagine things into existence, such as food.

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