AdaptBrandJon Fromm introduces the Signature Series Jon Fromm Brutale
from AdaptBrand on 9 Feb 2023

Jon introduces his first ever pro skate with the introduction of the Signature Series Jon Fromm Brutale. Set up as he rides it thanks to a collabration of three brands, featuring his pro 50/50 Balance 2 frames, new 59mm pro Red Eye Wheels, all attached to his all new white Adapt Brutale skates.Filmed over 4 months in late 2022, Jon set out to the streets to remind everyone why his name is emblazoned on the back of this skate. Head to to pick up your pair today.https://www.adaptbrand.comShot and edited – Travis StewartSecondary angles – Daniel ScaranoMusic – Lord Huron – Ancient Names (PT1)Thumbnail photo by Kyle Strauss