Jon FrommJon Fromm / Signature Brutale
from Jon Fromm on 22 Feb 2023

This was another one of my favorite moments filming for my @adaptbrand part. Me and Travis had been talking about making the trek out to Moor Park. It was more just to show Travis the spot, and just enjoy the day. I was talking with @thefarmacy_ beforehand about possibly going, so I gave him a heads up. 3 hours later him and @dvscarano met up, and we had a session Ill never forget! I didnt even realize Chris was filming me until after I got the clip! Cheers Chris for being an inspiration since I was young, and thanks for the sesh! Also big ups to Daniel for capturing the second angle of this trick for the promo. Hope to sesh with you guys again soon! @thefarmacy_ Full Promo link is here you want to purchase my skate, the link for purchase is here @adaptbrand @redeyewheels @5050frames @asphaltbeachskateshop