Josiah Blee Farewell Remz (Carter LeBlanc)

Carter LeBlancJosiah Blee Farewell Remz
from Carter LeBlanc on 3 Aug 2018

“Wanna know the worst part about being on disability? I didn’t know who i was anymore… I used to define myself by my job title but you wanna know something? After being laid off for 6 months I finally figured out skating is what I do, not who I am. You are defined by the company you keep and how well you keep it, not by what you happen to do, I mean kids who skate…cmon california is filthy with em. You are Josiah blee, you are a good son and you are a good friend, who just happens to skate, and tomorrow… if you never skate again … are still Josiah Blee” -Ralph ‘Brink’ Brinker
Additional filming: James Truitt, Jeph Howard

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