southernscumJust The Tip // Boschi Pope Skate Off
from southernscum on 31 Aug 2016

iPhone footy chopped at one minute for social media platforms. But, due to the gram’s recent change of rules, this vid was ripped down the very second it went up.

So instead of the cheesy detailed caption, you get it fresh on the Vimeo. Hopefully you still get wet.

Now it’s up to Rollernews, Be-Mag, etc. to get this teaser to the community.

Oh yeah, CONGRATS TO TRE ON THE FIRST PLACE PULL. Your victory will be celebrated for years to come.

Welcome back to freedom Boschi. It was an honor to be in your presence pal. Bill, Mike, & the reigning Empire Boys, thank you for all the wonderful memories.

We are inspired!