Kenth Ulvedal – 10 years with Grindhouse Skateshop

Kenth UlvedalKenth Ulvedal – 10 years with Grindhouse Skateshop
from Kenth Ulvedal on 22 Nov 2014

I got sponsored by Grindhouse when I was 16 years old, had only been skating for 3 years, and it meant the world to a small kid skating every day, and now 10 years later they are still supporting me. Thank you Thorsten and Grindhouse Skateshop for all the support, for sending me on tours, paying for me to travel to competitions, I’m just a guy who loves to skate.

First part of the edit is 2004, the first summer skating for Grindhouse, then it’s all a mix until the summer of 2014. It’s very long but it was so much fun going through old footage that I didn’t wan’t to leave to many clips out, and most of the clips has been used before.
Thank you to everyone who has been filming all of these clips!

Footage from:
Grindhouse Tour 2009 by Mathias von Gostomski –
Grindhouse Tour 2010 by Chris Piotrowicz –
The Swedes by Matts Barrett and Christofer Herdman –

Thank you to Max Cortes, Emil Sejby, John Lönngren, Joachim Wall and Anders Bergén for your clips in this!

– Jermaine Dupri – Welcome to Atlanta
– Mobb Deep – Eye for an eye
– Faze Miyake – Dead Battery

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