Kizer FLUX Trinity frames – Rolling Review with Sam Crofts (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesKizer FLUX Trinity frames – Rolling Review with Sam Crofts
from Powerslide Inline skates on 6 Nov 2019

Kizer FLUX Trinity frames – Rolling Review with Sam Crofts – 800317 800318 – Kizer Flux 2in1 The Kizer Flux is yet another masterpiece and shows Kizer advanced thinking. Now combining the best of all, Triskates, TRINITY and 4 wheels. So the Flux is a multifunctional frame, targeted to urban skating. Based on the most advanced frame technology TRINITY it will fit on any model coming with this frame system, from Powerslide Next to Zoom models. It is made so you can interchange 3 wheels as 3x100mm setups with 4×90 setups, so perfect setups which are fast but still agile and those wheel sizes you can rocker with the triangle shaped rocker spacer. This rocker spacer adjusts not only the height but also the length and puts you as low as possible to the ground. The frame is made out of nylon composite material, tough and ready to slide and grind out of the box and will guarantee endless fun. The front and rear wings make soul slides and stalls easy and will give skaters a lot of variations to blade the urban jungle. It features also a heel fin for soul grinds and connects aggressive and urban skating at its best.

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