Kizer FramesKizer Soulframe 60 – Sven Ischen x Open Airea Oberhausen
from Kizer Frames on 30 Mar 2022

Kizer Soulframe 60 – Sven Ischen x Open Airea Oberhausen – 800049What started as the most innovative aggressive skate design in recent memory has turned into a grinding and rolling experience virtually anyone can experience – its the Soulframe 60 from KIZER. The USD Aeon one-piece skate design was a resounding success and had KIZER take a close look at the skates design and development. The KIZER Soulframe 60 was inspired by the skates low center of gravity while improving the direct, nearly seamless feel on grinds. The result is an all-aluminum, one-piece soul frame that incorporates the frame and soul plate. The KIZER Soulframe 60 delivers an unmatched aggressive skating experience and is designed to be perfect for skateparks. The aluminum Soulframe 60 sings as you slide on coping and rails while delivering excellent control. The Soulframe 60 also features the same aluminum H-block that comes on the popular Element II frames. The KIZER Soulframe 60 is made of high-grade 6061 aircraft aluminum thats machined to perfection so you know it can stand up to all the abuse you can send its way. And to ensure you get all the speed you need for big airs and fast grinds, the Soulframe 60 can fit a maximum of 4x62mm wheels. The Soulframe 60 has predrilled and recessed mounting holes which are compatible fit most USD and Salomon skates.Camera & Cut by Daniel Enin: @Borklyn Zoo SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER!Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest news about Powerslide and its affiliated brands, information about upcoming events, insight into Powerslide tech, our latest products, videos and media.To subscribe, click here: #Soulframe60 #SvenIschen