Kizer Type X frames – Powerslide Speaking Specs (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesKizer Type X frames – Powerslide Speaking Specs
from Powerslide Inline skates on 26 Aug 2018

Kizer type x frames – Powerslide Speaking Specs – 800164, 800165, 800168 – Type Continuing on the legacy of the infamous Xsjado freestyle frame we have the Kizer X type. This unique freestyle design allows your frame to grind any surface at any angle due to its massive H-block, that stretches from wheel to wheel. The design lends itself to grinding on the fattest of rails or bluntest of ledges. The frame walls are contoured so that only the plastic by the axels touches when grinding on soul or topside tricks, creating a super fast grinding experience. The frame can take a maximum of 59mm wheels and comes in both black and white.

Speaking Specs – a new series of detailed information tutorials by Powerslide┬┤s very own product development department with Matthias Knoll, Scott Arlidge & J├╝rgen Pfitzner. Tune in for endless tech infos on literally all new Powerslide products. Have a look at the Speaking Specs playlist at: Powerslide – we love to skate!

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