BLADING on The BrainLearning Zero Fish – Inline Skating Tips
from BLADING on The Brain on 21 Dec 2021

Today we came out to celebrate Brian Krans turning 40 and I had a second agenda item, learn Zero Fish for the FKKB Trick of the weekIntro 0:00Warmups 0:41The process of learning 1:33Success 2:23Reflections 2:45Outro 4:03Get yourself some Blading on the Brain Gear here: me for more positive head injury recovery videos of my journey back to inline skating. Please subscribe, like, and comment below. I really enjoy the comments and would appreciate hearing your voice. My Current Skate Setup:Adapt Julian Bah Brutale Boot – 58mm 88a Wheels – Stephan Brandow Balance Frame – is filmed entirely with my GoPro Hero 8Thank you to Chris Bjerre for the intro animation. you can check his work at you to Uranus for the use of the track money trainYou can find more of his work here injury brain injury documentary TBI stories, TBI recovery stories,