TherollingLEDLAUZIS 2023 / Straume inline skola
from Therolling on 2 Feb 2023

We celebrated the start of 2023 with a blast aka “Ledlauzis” hosted by inline school “STRAUME”. Thank you all who were part of it and helped make it so much fun. Big shout out to our supporters: The Spot Center, Roces, Drukmanis, Therolling, Yohoho cafe, Video: Konstantns MakarovsCamera: Jnis Katkovskis, Edgars SalnjsRESULTS:JUNIOR1. Alberts raks2. Marks Liners3. Keita Konerova AMATEUR1. Jkabs Jansons2. Ralfs Igals 3. Mikus aksaOPEN1. Edgars Rozentls2. Raimonds Prsis3. Kristofers RudztsRat race: Alberts raks / Edgars RozentlsSpicy pepper: Dimitrijs Sokolovs GO SKATE!!