Leon Basin & Bill Stoppard RED July 7 (PintoPonyProductions)

PintoPonyProductionsLeon Basin & Bill Stoppard RED July 7
from PintoPonyProductions on 8 Jul 2017

Contrasting inline skating styles collide for a harmonious skate of epicness. Blade Master Leon Basin of Shop TASK and Toronto City Skater Bill Stoppard, cruise Toronto Canada inline style.

Area rollerbladed today is Toronto’s Queen Street West & Trinity Bellwoods Park. *City Skating T Shirts at https://teespring.com/stores/pinto-pony-city-skaters

This video is #7 of the Roll Every Day (RED July) series.

Bills Inline skates, Powerslide Kronos Reign with Leopard Bearings http://www.proskatersplace.com

Leons Skate Gear and Shop https://shop-task.com

Cameras used
Inline skating Toronto Downtown, Richmond Street West.

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