Adapt SkatesLET’S SKATE! Ep.6 Pumptrack session with Adrian on the Superveloce SC Big Wheel setup
from Adapt Skates on 15 Jun 2023

Adrian Deck skates the Superveloce SC with the Symetrics Big Wheel 4×90 frames for the first time on the pumptrack.More info on the Superveloce SC: Symetrics Big Wheel frames can be found here:’s setup:Prototype Superveloce SCSymetrics Big Wheel 4x90mm wheelsSymetrics Superfast 90mm wheelsSymetrics bearingsChapters:0:00 Intro01:06 Explaining frame choice02:37 Setting up the skates02:54 Putting on the skates03:09 Let’s Skate!04:27 Recap