SkatefreshAshaLive Class: Slope trouble? Have you trained your downhill slopes like this? “Bombing it” practice?
from SkatefreshAsha on 14 Sep 2022

In this recently recorded class in Portsmouth (10/09/22), we found a short, steep slope and stopped for slopes practice. This included;- Assessing the slope and it’s steepness/length (not shown). – Assessing the run off area after the slope.- Assess the stopping options (Turning, T-stop, Plough stops, Grass stop, or unable to stop).- Controlled bombing, exploring your comfortable acceleration limits.- Starting at the bottom of the slope and working upwards as you succeed with lower speeds.There’s a lot going on that needs attention on slopes. They aren’t to be messed with. Nothing feels more scary than knowing you can’t slow down your skates and you’re on a slope accelerating….More edits like this will be coming out soon, such as the students practice and improvements caused by the repetition and corrections. We’re experimenting with some real live class footage as I try to pack in a lot of information and unique drills and progressions when I’m in class and I’d like to share them with you here too. Let me know what you think.Who is Asha Skatefresh? Powerslide Brand Ambassador (since 2011) Skate Coach for BBC and Disney’s “Soy Luna” Champion quads figure skater who represented Great Britain internationally. Founder of (since 2000) Skating for 38 years Teaching inlines and quads for 22 years 356 Instructors Certified worldwide (with ICP)Are you desperate to get better at skating? Let Asha help you for FREE.Get Instant, FREE, lifetime access to several Video Course Trials today from Asha’s extensive range of professionally shot and edited Video Trainings.BEGINNER Inline – FREE VIDEO TRAININGSAre you a compete beginner and apprehensive about getting hurt? Want to start skating safely without falling? Prefer to follow a step-by-step program rather than YouTube snippets? Avoid injury and embarrassment by learning to skate with a professional instructor following proven methods. Grab your Free Beginner Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 1. Static Preparations + Basic Movement… 2. Heel Brake Stop…3. Develop your Basic Stride…INTERMEDIATE Inline – FREE VIDEO TRAININGSHave you hit a wall in your learning? The harder stuff doesn’t come so easily anymore. Expand your repertoire of skills with new stops, turns and more speed. Grab your Free Intermediate Level In-Depth Tutorials Today. 1. Lunge Turn…2. Spin Stop…3. Develop your Fitness Stride…Click “Free Trial” next to the Trailer Video on each page ADVANCED Inline – FREE VIDEO TRAININGSWant to make people stop and stare? Learn the Powerslide for fast immediate stopping, anytime, anywhere. Understand and master the Double Push for fast, impressive, powerful skating Grab your Free ADVANCED Level In-Depth Tutorials Today.1. Barrel Roll…2. Backwards Powerslide…3. Develop your Double Push Speed Skating Technique…Click “Free Trial” next to the Trailer Video on each page to get lifetime access to these free trainings.YOGA FOR SKATERSGetting aches and pains during or after skating? Maybe you need to be adding some stretching to your skate practice.Grab your FREE 7min pre-post skate stretch video class here;3. Yoga For Skaters | SkatefreshFor lessons in the UK and Asha’s Touring schedule, visit us Skatefresh.comFollow Asha and Skatefresh on social media: Facebook: Skatefresh AshaInstagram: @skatefreshashaSkatefresh is wearing Powerslide Evos and Endless Blading 4×90 framesVideo footage: @skaterstu_brightonskate