London Freeskating – Sam Crofts x HC Evo skates (Powerslide Inline skates)

Powerslide Inline skatesLondon Freeskating – Sam Crofts x HC Evo skates
from Powerslide Inline skates on 29 Mar 2019

London Freeskating – Sam Crofts x HC Evo skates – 908261
Enjoy funky clean freeskating through the business district of London, UK by Sam Crofts on his fresh pair of Powerslide HC Evo Trinity skates with 3x125mm 86A UC test wheels & Wicked Swiss bearings. Shot & Cut by Vincent Lindgren.
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Create your own skate with the HC Evo, Powerslide´s top notch urban carbon boot. Thanks to TRINITY mounting you have endless options to set up the skate of your dreams. Want to try SUV skating? Are looking for a longer frame for your daily workout to get fit for a marathon? Or do you want a short and agile Triskate setup to crash the city? Nothing is impossible! The HC Evo has become a legend in freeskating. It´s a state of the art boot which scores with fit, comfort and performance. The HC Evo offers a great fit right out of the box. But even if you should have some pressure points you can easily solve it by heat molding the carbon shell. To give you perfect support we added some kevlar wires to the upper which is coated by strong and durable PU material. A stiff outside, but soft inside make this boot stand out from the crowd. Create the skate which suits you best or be flexible and switch between disciplines by adding a second frame setup to your skate. The HC Evo boot is a fun booster for all your skating activities from urban skating to freestyle, from downhill to just cruising. You can even play hockey with your friends or go for some endurance training.

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