Intuition SkateShopMammoth Camp & Blade 2020 – Adventure Rollerblading
from Intuition SkateShop on 22 Sep 2020

Order your official Mammoth Camp & Blade shirt here: The third annual Mammoth Camp & Blade weekend was non stop adventure! Way up in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas (North of Mt. Whitney) you’ll find the Mammoth Lakes and Crowley Lake skateparks, which make for unreal sessions in the great outdoors. Featured skaters include Intuition team riders Chad Tannehill and Anthony Luna, along with Walt Austin, Micheal Braud, Andrew Scherf, Oscar Sosa, Cody Norman, Nolan Jun, Jamie Khammountery, Matt Mickey, and more. Many thanks to our MB&C host Ted Harder for lining up this growing tradition, and see y’all next Labor Day weekend where your skates meet the sky, and the good times never come down!Filmed by: Cody Norman, Matt Mickey, Andrew Scherf, Nolan Jun, Jamie KhammounetryEdited by: Cody NormanOrder inline skates / roller skates at the best prices via http://www.intuitionskate.comFollow