Maurice Borr//Germany//Winter 2016 (Tyriek Gibson)

Tyriek GibsonMaurice Borr//Germany//Winter 2016
from Tyriek Gibson on 25 Jan 2016

This dude rips i would have more clips if wwe had more time. We skated for about 4 hours and i got all of this. If i had anything negative to say about him it would be he always has new ideas. He pretty much covers the entire spectrum of blading. Peep it and enjoy.

Was filmed in Trier Germany on 24 Jan 2016

Filmed and edited by Tyriek Gibson
Skater Maurice Borr (Originally from france but lives and works in Germany)
1st Song Pixies – Broken Face
2nd Song Mold Boy (aka Alex Calder) – Carlito
City Trier Germany

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