Back to BladingMesmer John Bolino with Intuition Liners // Aggressive Inline Skating
from Back to Blading on 20 Feb 2022

I love the look of the John Bolino Mesmers, but they hurt my feet. I didn’t realized until a few years ago that the liners you choose to put in the boot make a huge difference to how your foot likes a boot. So I swapped out the stock liners with some FR Intuition liners and went back to my favorite ledge to test them out.Intro – 0:00Current Setup – 0:21Three Goals – 2:14Warmup/First Goal – 3:16Second Goal – 5:46Third Goal – 8:53Bonus Soul Tricks – 10:22Wrapup – 11:14* More Back to Blading *Website: http://BackToBlading.comSlack: