from on 23 Nov 2021

Mesmer Skate Brand is officially here, with the launch of their website and the release of their debut video – Mesmer Rising. The 20-minute thriller features a phenomenal amount of high quality footage from John Bolino, Dominic Bruce, Levi van Rijn, Marc Moreno, Billy O’Neill and more. Considering how prolific John Bolino has been over the years and how many sections he has released, we thought we had seen all he had to give but we were very wrong – he unlocks a whole other side to his skating in this video and it’s fascinating to watch. Dominic Bruce also shows that he has some incredibly fast feet and very forward-thinking trick ideas. It would have been nice to see more Marc Moreno footage, but I think he was behind the camera for a lot of the project. The action mainly takes place in Barcelona, but there is also Madrid, New York City and a few other locations thrown in there. If this is a sign of things to come, we are very excited about the direction Mesmer is headed. 

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