Mike Torres – One For The Road (Mike Torres)

Mike TorresMike Torres – One For The Road
from Mike Torres on 7 Dec 2017

2015 was filled with change and confusion for me. I relocated to a new city, eventually found a new crew of people to skate with, tried out MULTIPLE skate setups with varied success, and ended up developing a reoccurring shoulder dislocation problem. My 2016 started in a sling, with no other goals than to rehab my shoulder, and to film a section with Augusto. What I didn’t realize when I starting filming Goose’s profile, was how good he was at filming, how quickly I was going to rehab, and how fun aggressive skating would be again with a longer/rockered frame setup. This ended up being the perfect storm for being able to put together a section that I’m not afraid to say I am proud of. Whatever it is I lost in 2015, I found in 2016.

Augusto Castillo

Justin Brasco
Nate Moore
Colin Brattey
Grant Hazelton
Tim Adams
Austin Paz
Tadd Labozetta
Andrew Dipaolo
Alex Ryerson
Christian Delfino

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