Mind the Gap 2016 | Urban Sports Week Amsterdam (Sven Boekhorst)

Sven BoekhorstMind the Gap 2016 | Urban Sports Week Amsterdam
from Sven Boekhorst on 18 May 2016

Mind the Gap | Urban Sports Week Amsterdam
For the first time SB Events organized a Mind the Gap stop in Amsterdam. There was a big international field of riders from the States, Ierland, UK, France, Poland and of course some great Dutch riders.
Mind the Gap was held at the Westerpark next to the Ton Ton Club and at the end of the day Julien Cudot from France skated away with one of the best runs ever done on the Mind the Gap setup. Second place was Danny Allbridge who already won the Dutch Championships spine and third place went to best Dutch rider Tom v. Hemert. For more action sports check out: http://www.urbansportsweekamsterdam.com/

Video by: Jeroen Wullems

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