Mindgame – Bang || 2004 – Full DVD (VamPRI Weaver)

VamPRI WeaverMindgame – Bang || 2004 – Full DVD
from VamPRI Weaver on 24 Nov 2014

Aaron Feinberg, Don bambrick, Brian Aragon, Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer, Ben Schwab, Kevin Raser, Hayden Watt, Damien Wilson, And many other freinds.

Intro: Murder By Death – You Are the Last Dragon
Aaron Feinberg: Tv on the Radio – Staring at the Sun
Don Bambrick: Passage – Poem to The Hospital
Freinds: Pinback – Syracuse
Dustin Latimer: Matthew Cooker – Thanks Eddie (Clean Version)
Crash Section: Earlimart – We’re So Happy (We Left The Piano In The Truck)
Brian Aragon: Deep Puddle Dynamics – d. Mothers of Invention
Chris Farmer: Midnight Movies – Just To Play
Credits: The Black Heart Procession – Waterfront (The Sinking Road)
Team Section: Sole – Salt On Everything


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