Montre Goes To Valincia (TBSAD666)

TBSAD666Montre Goes To Valincia
from TBSAD666 on 26 Aug 2018

What’s up world. Hope all is well and you’re drinking plenty of water. Soo…, I’ve been out in Europe for a few months now and while staying in Malaga with a good friend/brotha, we took a road trip to Valincia for the Onda Summer Contest. It was a blast. Camping at the park. Full bathrooms and hot showers. Food, skating and good people. Not to mention, the large blow up slip n slide haha. Through all that, I found a bit of time to make a USD Quick Hits edit for the people out there who aren’t tired of looking at my mug skating haha. So check it out. Most the clips are from other phones filmed by the locals or the homies. Enjoy and don’t forget to, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE AND OF COURSE, SUBSCRIBE.

Song by, MOSHIGH

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