Moza Air Gimbal + Canon XC10 – First test downhill follow ride (Mark Heuss)

Mark HeussMoza Air Gimbal + Canon XC10 – First test downhill follow ride
from Mark Heuss on 14 Jul 2017

We wanted to test out our newest toy, the Moza Air Gimbal from Gudsen. So we went to our beloved local hill, set it up and went for a quick test ride.

The positive parts:
Balancing out the Canon XC10 camcorder on the Moza Air was very easy, fast and worked like a charm. The tool-less design worked flawless and the camera was balanced in less then 2 minutes, on the very first try.
The camera weight of the XC10 was no problem at all, there was no micro jitter, shacking or shifting horizons. Even zooming in and therefor changing the pre-leveled balance, the Moza had no problem to keep the camera stabilized and centered.
There was no side noise, the motors of the Moza Air worked silent.

The negative sides:
A rain storm was coming closer, so we did this in a rush. We set the camera to full auto and just went for it. The second we rolled out at the end of the hill, it started raining. Unfortunately, we had no time to set up the remote control joystick.
Balancing the camera with the flip screen basic position towards the camera wasn´t a good idea eather, as i was filming completely blind, as the Moza arms covered my camera screen.
As you can hear, we had no time to set up a real mic, so all audio is lost to wind noise.

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