taktikavideoMrti pievienojas Taktika.lv PRO Scooters team komandai – Apsveicam ar sasniegumu!
from taktikavideo on 16 Oct 2023

The time has comeTaktika.lv Scooters Team rider Mrti – @martins.svikk has finally earned his spot in our PRO Team We truly can’t wait to see what he will bring to scooter community and our family with his amazing ability to push the limits instagram @martins.svikkinstagram @taktikalvtiktok @Taktikalv_officialScooter shop Taktika.lv Aleksandra aka 54, Rga | www.taktika.lvSpecializts veikals Taktika.lv, Aleksandra aka 54, Rg | www.taktika.lv