JADRollerVlogMy #1 Aggressive Rollerblades JADRollerVlog
from JADRollerVlog on 25 Dec 2021

Warning: I talk a lot in this video. But that is because I think I have finally decided on my favorite rollerblades setups. There are a lot of factors that go into this and yes there many setups I haven’t tried yet. So I guess what I am saying is I found setups that make me not want more setups for the time being. My preferences are based on these main factors: Comfort, Fit and flexPerformance Quality Weight I am also an anti rocker guy right now.Anyhooo These are just my opinions and they are based on my blade budget, foot size/shape and skate style. Feel free to comment below with your favorite setups! I also thank a bunch of blade folks that have greatly helped me. These are not paid ads or anything like that. This is genuine appreciation for some awesome brands and awesome people and I am sorry if I neglected to mention you. Enjoy! Hope it may help you!