ilusion crewMystics – Ilusion Crew 2002 Video
from ilusion crew on 30 Aug 2014

The first skate video I ever made. Edited, with just my Mini DVD camera, a VCR, and a boom box. Profiles on Mike Terrazas, Keith Quirke, Tom Sutton and Austin Paz. Also featuring Mike Latham, Anthony Lee, Narong My, Anton Carrington, Derek Carr, Jeremy Berrios, Corey French, Billy O’Neill, Franco Cammayo, Dustin Latimer, Walt Austin, Mike Johnson, Aiden Charles, Alex Nunez, Steve Cortez, and Sam Grimm.

Intro: 00:01
Mike Terrazas: 3:25
ECTSC: 5:45
Tome Sutton: 8:55
Keith Quirke: 9:52
Montage 1: 11:20
Austin Paz: 14:11
Falls: 16:50
Montage 2: 19:40
Outro: 21:50
B-Roll: 25:14