NASS 2013 – Inline Highlights from Kingdom Magazine

Kingdom MagazineNASS 2013 – Inline Highlights from Kingdom Magazine
from Kingdom Magazine on 19 Jul 2013

Well that had to go down as the hottest NASS on record! For once we were glad to be up early and in the park before it turned into a sauna.

This year saw ridiculous performances from the likes of CJ Wellsmore, Dan Collins, Andy Spary,Steve Swain and Nick Lomax but it was French powerhouse Roman Abrate who took the honours in the Pro comp.

Surely the highlight of the whole event was triple OG Joe Egan winning the Richard Taylor Best Trick with a ridiculous transfer over Elvis narrowly beating Roman’s double flat spin over the box.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors who made the event possible. See y’all next year….
The Conference

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