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from Tom Moyse on 27 Dec 2022

Roces dropped their best rollerblade in ages. We got a glimpse of the new white Mesmer skates in the teaser for their new video Mesmer NYC Volume 1. Them Skates dropped loads of new videos NEW Merchandise: the Patreon me get to Winterclash and The Blading Cup:PayPal donations and more: here: edogoods.com00:00 Alright00:16 Mesmer Video NYC Vol.1 and New White Skates00:32 Loco Skate USD Sway Review01:39 Roces Plastic Pusher – Their best skate in ages03:04 Roces make trainers again03:47 Plastic Pusher 304:37 Roces Purtugalya04:52 Spotty Dog Rollerblading Awards – Note now05:43 Demetrios George 05:53 Nick Lomax Second Skin Liner06:30 Pro signture wigs07:03 USD 25 Years Tour Eugen Enin, Micheal Witzemann, Chris Farmer, Sam Crofts08:18 Rollerblading Violation08:27 Marius Gaile Pulses Them Skates09:13 Danny Malm Rewired09:54 THEM SKATES x Grey INTUITION LINER Danny Beer, Jon Julio, Mike Torres, Leon Bassin10:22 ID mag Them Skate gift guide10:30 EDO Goods11:57 GAWDS FM4 FRANK MORALES 12:28 Gawds Aton Recreational skates12:47 USD Skates Scam13:09 Darkplace Video13:23 Thank you – Changes?13:42 PatreonPLASTIC PUSHERS volume 3. Sway Skates Are Getting Better – Full Review your mindset will change your life – Demetrios George 25 Years Tour SKATES presents THEM SKATES x INTUITION LINER Collaboration SKATES presents REWIRED | Danny Malm THEM SKATES presents REWIRED | Danny MalmTHEM SKATES presents PULSES | Marius Gaile el rollo!