Nick Lomax x Hanglosers x Lost & Found (

Nick Lomax x Hanglosers x Lost & Found
from on 17 Aug 2021

USD Skates have struck gold with Nick Lomax‘s lost…and now found section from the abandoned Hanglosers full-length video from years and years ago. The video was due to feature an exceptional cast of skaters but Vince gave up after a huge amount of footage was lost when his computer died. Here you can see Nick Lomax going full throttle and attempting to make every trick a potential ender – it was kinda weird that the final trick was one of the tamest in the whole section though. Then again, maybe they were trying to be clever and make the opening and final clip a 540.  Is it any wonder that Nick Lomax has become hugely popular on Instagram and amassed a massive following? Pretty much every trick in this section is a showstopper!  The video was filmed and edited by Vince Lindgren. Watch more videos of Nick Lomax HERE.

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