Night Skiing at the Lyndon Outing Club in Lyndonville, Vermont (02-07-20) (Jan Welch)

Jan WelchNight Skiing at the Lyndon Outing Club in Lyndonville, Vermont (02-07-20)
from Jan Welch on 10 Feb 2020

Ski Day 29 (02-07-20) – Skiing Fresh Powder At Lyndon Outing Club After The Big Storm

By the end of the day at Burke on Thursday, I was covered in ice from head to toe. Although we had already had several inches of snow that morning, it was not what I was expecting to happen weather wise, when I heard about the big storm that was heading our way. Thursday night’s snow chances, turned into a mix of freezing rain and sleet and by Friday morning, all of the beautiful powder from the day before was covered in a layer of ice. I honestly thought we wouldn’t get any snow, and if we did, it would be minimal and crusty. As I started slipping into depression, it began nuking heavy wet snow on top of the ice layer, followed by super fluffy powder!

At my house we lost power three times during the day and I couldn’t stand being at home in the dark. The Lyndon Outing Club announced that they would be open for night skiing, so I made my way, through horrible road conditions, to the hill. I wasn’t expecting many other people to be driving on the roads last night, but boy was I wrong! The parking lot was full of cars and when I looked up at the hill it was covered in thick untouched fresh powder!

I put on my boots and headed to the T-bar, making my way up to the summit. It was still snowing fairly heavy and there was a bitter cold wind at the top. I could only imagine how cold the lift operator must have been! The wind blew the powder off of the crispy cover on the very top of the hill, but as soon as you dropped in, it was heaven! I mean, I was just floating over the snow and cutting through the powder. I didn’t even notice any of the crust that had formed on top of the previous days snowfall. During my year of skiing, I’ve never actually skied a long run that was just fresh powder. All my powder experiences have been in the glades for short spurts. This was a whole new experience for me and I absolutely loved it.

I made about ten runs on the face and some of the side trails, which were completely untouched! It was hands down one of the most fun times I’ve had this season. The Lyndon Outing Club is truly a gem for the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. I recommend that anyone visiting the NEK or is skiing at Burke or Jay Peak to visit the LOC for day or night skiing. And while you are at it, make sure and have one of their tasty burgers in the lodge! Check them out at for more information.

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