Niko Salaman – In Depth (

Niko Salaman – In Depth
from on 22 Jan 2018

Niko Salaman is a little different to most teenagers. He’s polite, humble and conscientious. Hailing from Bristol, a long-standing hub of British blading and well known for countless spots and UK legends such as Al Jones, Guy Crawford, Sam Davies and Si Coburn to name but a few. All of these bladers forged solid profiles for Unity magazine and numerous video parts on these streets over the years, so how has Niko made such a name for himself in Bristol’s blading fish bowl, where almost every spot and architectural gem has already been destroyed by rollerblading geniuses over the years? When I first met him 7 years ago at the infamous Dean Lane skatepark, he was flying around the place with his friends on their scooters, but we have very different opinions of what happened that day. Niko Salaman: I had never seen anybody rollerblade in a skatepark until one evening, at the end of a long summer, this motley crew of Welsh scallywags rocked up still hanging from the previous night and started shredding the place up. I was like, “Are they…grinding?!” And now Stephen Riddick will happily tell you how 13-year-old me was on my scooter when they […]

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